My favorite❤️❤️ pizza egg❤️❤️

Today I woke up in a good mood and figured I could as well make my favorite Pizza Egg. It’s not what it sounds, it’s a slight alteration to the original Spanish omelette. My Dad used to make it for us when we were young. I remember how special it was because he did it once in a… Read More »

Benefits of potatoes

Did you know that potatoes can flood the market? Local potatoes forms bulk of the staple foods in Kenya and a must have in almost every meal for the Kikuyu Nation. I being a *waru* lover…Kikuyu name for potatoes I can’t help but serve all the potatoes when I can. I like to mash them, have them in… Read More »

This cold could use a bowl of *Creamy Potato Soup *😍😍

Ever had those lazy days and it’s chilly outside wondering if it’s OK to just get some junk food delivered to your doorstep? I get those days alot too often, and trying to eat clean ain’t easy. With the number of fast food outlets offering free delivery the deal is just too sweet to let it slide. Well… Read More »

Tell me what you eat

Quick guide to recipes

Today being a Friday I plan to post a recipe but I figured it would be unfair if I did not give a brief guide as to how recipes will be posted. Every Friday I will pick one main ingredient, example carrots and talk about its nutritional value, give a nutritional profile and whip up a quick healthy… Read More »


Did you know that your body tells you what to eat or drink? Consciously or unconsciously the body tries to communicate what it needs, when you are thirsty you need water but people like me who do not get thirsty, the body needs to send us other cues for us to be aware, example :you might feel a… Read More »